Mileta Dulovic

As I am a developer and have no idea how to write about things that are not related to programming I searched Google. It said that first post should be an introduction, and as we all know Google is always (not) right, I decided to listen do it.


Hi. I am Mileta Dulović, a 24-year-old developer from Podgorica, Montenegro. I mainly do front-end and mobile development, but I also like to put my hands on a backend.

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I work in React, Next.js, React Native, CSS and/or SASS, NodeJS and MongoDB in backend. Currently, I work with backend technologies just for my own pleasure.

I use Webstorm as a main editor, GitHub for code storage (yes, I said code storage), and Figma for design.

About this blog

NextJS for the front-end, and posts are written in markdown. CSS and Tailwind for styling, but I'll probably drop Tailwind since it clutters my code (we'll have a blog post on that subject).

I decided to (re)start this blog, and use it for day-to-day programming tricks, tips, ideas, news etc... Every page on this website is work in progress, and they will probably change for the sake of UI/UX